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conan....equals GOD.

yay! 3rd posts make me poop!'s what I must say to everyone. Us girls are in DIRE need of a party. No boys. They suck Chinese rulers (i'm talking about you britny jk!). We just need some quality time with each other, i think that would help us all. And then we can watch Get Over It and hear:

Forest Oats:  Is anybody willing to do the role of Lysander? Anyone? *Little Steve raises his hand* Put your hand down, Little Steve!
Little Steve: Steven!.....

hahahhaha. <333 God that amuses me to no end.

Ummm...and also I think us girls are having a problem. Like there is an ongoing battle between St. John's vs. Faith girls. Not really a battle, but the St. John's women feel left out of the Faith people, and vise versa. Anyway we can fix this? I think we need to spend as much time together as possible, b/c school is almost over and that is sad. =[ the moral of this paragraph is...PARTIES EVERY WEEK, BABEH.

umm..have a good spring break?



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