lindsay (hoboxcore77) wrote in tls_hoodlems,

Put yr hand DOWN little Steve!!

holy hell ok we need ti use this community. so here it is.

Kelly: you know why im annoyed with you. All the Ryan talk, and youre 'in love' hm..i duno. Not trying to be mean. Whatever. But it also seems like yer kinda ignoring me.

Amie: i never talk to you anymore and feel like you just wanna hang out with nick and the guys. sigh.

Alisha: hm, nothin really. Havent been talking to you much.

Becca: doesnt read but im gettin along with you better than ever<33

Britny: i love you but that really suprised me when alisha told me you changed groups. that really sucked.

i feel like im the last to know everything :(
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