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hey guys i didnt kno tht every1 was pissed at me till now....im sry if i pissed u off....u shoulda told me so i could make it better or if u told me and i 4got sry on tht 2

yello subs at seaman in room w-7!!!!!!!

rumors of hoodlums getting back 2gether has been spreading throughout Topeka and the children and senior citizens have been getting in b4 6!!!!!

u guys gotta come to northern hill or logan to meet every1 tht u havent meet at church....amz especially cuz she doesnt go to church w. ppl like jacob b....sry becca...and cameron....hes Coolio!!!

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A Long awaited Entry

i'm posting in TLS Hoodlums....WOW........I just want to say that I miss you guys SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. I really mean it. Call me and we will get to tgether and do something. I ♥ you all!!!!!!

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i'm trying to ferget than i'm addicted to you

I agree with Becca. wtf is happening to the girls? We all seem to be either pissed // angry // seperating ourselves from the others. Let's not do this, ladies. We can't be like this less than 4 weeks before we graduate! I will NOT let us grow apart during high school. Yes, I know, we will be at dif. schools and have different lives, but we can't forget each other! That would suck ass. I'm gonna miss you all.....like whoa. ♥

and as fer the guys...well....i'm sorry garrett fer dissing you, i'm such a bad girlfriend. as fer james, i have nothin to say.

♥ Amie
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go suck some chinese rulers

wow. nobody's posting. DAMN YA TO PURGATORY.

umm...problems i have with people:

Britny: you've been weird to me lately and it's bloody annoying. You (and others) have been acting like I'm dumb and that you're all smarter than me. I know I can be a bit of a blonde sometimes...okay a lot of the time but that's no reason to bitch at me. And it annoys me and alisha when you ignore us for Morgan. I know you usually don't see her, but that's no excuse to forget your other friends.

Rebecca: I speak this on behalf  of the other girls too...You've kinda been ignoring the girls and it's making a few of us mad. You never seem to want to do anything with us anymore and we want to know why?

Alisha.Lindy.Kelly: I have nothing against yoo.

Sorry, i had to get that off my chest.




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conan....equals GOD.

yay! 3rd posts make me poop!

Ummm..here's what I must say to everyone. Us girls are in DIRE need of a party. No boys. They suck Chinese rulers (i'm talking about you britny jk!). We just need some quality time with each other, i think that would help us all. And then we can watch Get Over It and hear:

Forest Oats:  Is anybody willing to do the role of Lysander? Anyone? *Little Steve raises his hand* Put your hand down, Little Steve!
Little Steve: Steven!.....

hahahhaha. <333 God that amuses me to no end.

Ummm...and also I think us girls are having a problem. Like there is an ongoing battle between St. John's vs. Faith girls. Not really a battle, but the St. John's women feel left out of the Faith people, and vise versa. Anyway we can fix this? I think we need to spend as much time together as possible, b/c school is almost over and that is sad. =[ the moral of this paragraph is...PARTIES EVERY WEEK, BABEH.

umm..have a good spring break?



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