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go suck some chinese rulers

wow. nobody's posting. DAMN YA TO PURGATORY.

umm...problems i have with people:

Britny: you've been weird to me lately and it's bloody annoying. You (and others) have been acting like I'm dumb and that you're all smarter than me. I know I can be a bit of a blonde sometimes...okay a lot of the time but that's no reason to bitch at me. And it annoys me and alisha when you ignore us for Morgan. I know you usually don't see her, but that's no excuse to forget your other friends.

Rebecca: I speak this on behalf  of the other girls too...You've kinda been ignoring the girls and it's making a few of us mad. You never seem to want to do anything with us anymore and we want to know why?

Alisha.Lindy.Kelly: I have nothing against yoo.

Sorry, i had to get that off my chest.




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